Botallack Mine

My ancestor Stephen Harvey-James was purser of Botallack Mine in the mid to late 1800’s. Cyril Noall’s Book ‘Botallack’ gives the history of the mine.
Very nice site and great to see Underground Cornwall as my ancestors would have known it. I remember reading about the mine disaster as a kid.
When ever I visit Cornwall I pop into St Just Church Yard to visit the family grave.
There is a great picture of the mine in the Manchester Art Gallery painted in approx 1863(R.A Hook)
Best wishes Justin Harvey-James.

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  1. Hello. I’m replying to your post as I’m working with the National Trust at Botallack, and am looking for any imagery or documents relating to Stephen Harvey James. What would be particularly great would be a painting, etching, even photo, featuring the man, but given his significance he’s not proving the easiest person to find! I’m replying to your post in the hope that you might have a lead to any such item. Many thanks for any time you might give to this. best, Dave

    • Hello Dave,
      I have a photo of Stephen Harvey James but only temporarily as I have only been lent the photo album it came in. If you contact me before I have returned it I can send you a scanned image of the photo.

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